The International bonsaï festival

Master Yuji AKANUMA

Yuji Akanuma

The Bonsaï Master Yuji Akanuma, born in 1975 in Saïtama, is the third generation bonsaika. His father runs the SHOHO-EN garden, in Angyô, prefecture of Saïtama, in Tokyo’s suburbs, which was created by his grandfather.

The Bonsaï Master Yuji Akanuma apprenticed under Tôru SUZUKI, the owner of the “Daijvu-en” garden.

The Bonsaï Master Yuji Akanuma has been teaching bonsai for several years in Saïtama with a great success. His teaching is based on the tradition associated with a modern and energetic look.

Many of his bonsai were exhibited at the Sakufu Ten Exhibition.

The International Bonsaï Exhibition team is very grateful to Gilbert Labrid who brought the Bonsaï Master Yuji Akanuma to our event.