The International bonsaï festival


Please do not hesitate to consult our partners’ websites prior to the exhibition if you would like to order professional items.

Au monde du bonsaï  
Arbre aux papillons
L'arbre aux papillons
  Bonsai San
Bonsai Yamadori   L'Esprit du pin
Oasis   isabelia
Poteries de Puymoyen
Poteries Puymoyen
  Atelier Shibui - bonsaï et poteries
Sylvie Rigal, céramiste   John Pitt Bonsai Ceramics
John Pitt Bonsai Ceramics  

Rikimaka /
Tél : 06 08 32 47 91

Keramika pro bonsaï  
Jardin du Levant    

Yamadori BV :

Site internet


Bonsaï Jardins Production :
Tél : 06 09 93 59 61


René Lecocq, potier :
Tél: 00 32 3 789 0302

Ambiance Nature Concept :
Site internet


To provide maximum security for bonsai at the exhibition, 24-hour security will be provided during the entire run of the exhibition beginning at 14:00 on October 7th to 20:00 on October 9th. All bonsai selected for the Masters competition will be covered by the exhibition's insurance company up to the declared value listed on the entrant's registration form. Therefore, it is imperative that entrants provide us with the declared value of each bonsai to be displayed. All valuations will be held in the strictest confidence by the exhibition organizers.