The International bonsaï festival


Bonsai Focus The international magazine for beginners and experts.

In existence for more than 20 years, the FFB has as its mission:

  • To promote the practice and art of bonsai at all levels.
  • To support its advancement.
  • To communicate with its clubs. The Federation has more than 2 000 members in France, Belgium, Switzerland and within the Dom-Tom.
Esprit Bonsai

Published since 2003, Esprit Bonsai magazine is aimed at bonsai enthusiasts who are interested in other disciplines such as ikebana (the Japanese art of formal flower arrangement); kusamono (potted arrangements of wild grasses and flowers in unique pots); and uiseki (the Japanese art of displaying natural stones or Japanese gardens).

Bonsai San

Founded by Frédéric Chenal from the Kawabe School, Bonsai San is a nursery garden offering a large selection of bonsaï, yamadori and niwaki displayed in a 3 000 m2 Japanese garden in Côte d'Or. Bonsai San also includes a school on the art of bonsai with several sessions every year featuring Danny Use as a guest speaker.

Jardin Press

Jardin Press S.L. Editor of FRANCE BONSAÏ
Specialized in the world of bonsai and oriental culture.
Since 1997, Jardin Press has published and distributed magazines, books and guides focused on bonsai. “We strive to share our passion for bonsai by connecting our readers to the culture of this beautiful art.”

Mon jardin & ma maison

The magazine where life is pleasant and enjoyable:

  • A lifestyle that cultivates essential values: natural and authenticity
  • Useful advice on how to maintain and make a garden more beautiful
  • Astonishing tours in France and abroad
France Bleu
Japan Lifestyle

Japan LifeStyle
 : « The women’s sparkling on latest trends in Japan ».
Specialized in Japanese culture and the wider Asian (fashion, travel, music, cinema, cooking, lifestyle), Japan Lifestyle is a bimonthly magazine that attracts more and more enthusiasts.

Paris Bonsaï  
Bonsaï and News

Bonsai & News is edited by CRESPI EDITORI, a specialized publishing house of the CRESPI group.  It is the largest and the most widespread specialized magazine in Italy. It is also the only bonsai magazine distributed in bookstores across Italy.
Among its publications: monographic and thematic mini guides and many books dedicated to the various aspect of art and technique of bonsai, along to gardens and Japanese culture.