The International bonsaï festival

The 2010 Exhibition

The first edition of the International Bonsai Exhibition chaired by Danny Use was a rousing success. The LVA Editions have featured the major players of Bonsai with more than 20 professionals, renowned schools, highest standard trees and the event has attracted more than 2000 visitors.

The greatest European experts in Bonsai have attended and contributed actively to the success of the exhibition:
  • Danny Use and Frédéric Chenal have amazed everybody with their collection.
  • Coming for the first time in France, and especially for the event, the Bonsai MasterYuji Akanuma has highly impressed the audience by his performance throughout the demonstration on a “Juniperus Chinensis ‘Itoïgawa’
  • Salvatore Liporace has demonstrated his considerable talent and skills on a Pinus Sylvestris.
  • Olivier Barreau, Alfredo Salaccione, François Gau and Gilles Rigal have shown and explained all details of their work throughout their performance on demonstration.

Collectors and professionals have attended and participated in the 1st Bonsai Awards in France. With the cooperation of Bonsai San, the competition has brought together more than 100 bonsai from all over Europe

Bonsai schools have exhibited the work of their students and have organized public workshops.

Relive the atmosphere of the International Bonsai Exhibition through a selection of photos.

Collection Frédéric Chenal Jardin japonais (création Bonsaï San)
1 des 30 stands professionnels Atelier Olivier Barreau et Alfredo Salaccione
Visiteurs Collection Danny Use
Démonstration Yuji Akanuma Maître Yuji Akanuma présentant le Junipeus Chinensis ‘Itoïgawa’ travaillé en démonstration